Rhino Padlocks present itself as a tough, secure and innovative locking solution brand.

When it comes to protecting people, property, assets and business operations, we makes a responsible contribution to raising security in those aspects.

To achieve this goal, we are committed to only provide a high quality locking system product and continuously developing new and innovative locking solutions that help you feel safe and secure, no matter where you are.


High quality top security padlock The right material, design and production methods make Rhino Padlocks a better choice in harsh conditions
Material body : 304 stainless steel Shackle : 304 stainless steel
Key, reversible nickel silver key with plastic key head, also avaible in all nickel silver and stainless steel with plastic key head

Does no contain springs or pins that can jam for higher security and longer usage

Stainless steel double – ball shackle locking, equipped with stainless steel shackle

Finish: mirror polish, strip polish

Weather proof, for extreme corrosion resistance

Application extra high security padlock, for general use

Masterkey Ready (Optional)

Cylinder is protected againts tampering

Keyed alike ready (Optional)

Hammer & impact attack resistant

Drill protection: cylinder is protected againts drilling and leverage

Anti Acid and other destructive chemicals

Saw attack resistant

Bolt cutter attack resistant

6 Tons pull resistant